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Name Link
Amphibian Species of the World http://research.amnh.org/herpetology/...
Amphibians and Reptiles of Europe http://www.herp.it/
Amphibien & Reptilien Österreichs http://www.herpetofauna.at/
Benny Trapp photography homepage http://www.bennytrapp.de/
Bert Willaert photography http://www.bertwillaert.com/
Birger & Peter Oefinger's site http://www.bpo-natura.de/
Bobby Bok's website http://www.herpsafari.nl/
Bram Conings http://www.bramconings.be/
Club100 http://club100.net/
Daniel Bohle & friends herping reports http://berus.blockbox.de/hulahoop/
David Buttle's travel pictures http://picasaweb.google.com/buttledav...
DGHT - German field herpetology forum http://www.dghtserver.de/foren/forumd...
Eidechsenseite (Lacertidae) http://www.lacerta.de/
Fieldherping.eu http://fieldherping.eu/
Frank Deschandol's site http://frank-deschandol.com
FREANonHERPING http://www.freanonherping.be/
GertJan Verspui's site http://gjv-natureview.jimdo.com/
Global Amphibian Assessment http://www.globalamphibians.org/
Guido Kreiner's photography site http://www.naturfotografien.de
Guido Kreiner's snake site http://www.schlangen-europas.de/
Herp trips in the US by Eitan Grunwald http://www.eitangrunwald.com/herptrips
Herpetofauna of Greece (by Ilias Strachinis) http://www.herpetofauna.gr/
Herpetofocus (Matthieu Berroneau) http://www.herpetofocus.fr
Herpetofocus - wonderful European herp shots http://www.herpetofocus.fr/
Hyla - our field herp team's homepage http://www.hylawerkgroep.be
Klooiplek - our Dutch colleagues http://www.klooiplek.eu/
Konrad Mebert's pics https://plus.google.com/1161756005314...
Matt Wilson' blog http://mwilsonherps.wordpress.com/
RAUK e-Forum http://www.herpetofauna.co.uk/forum/d...
Reptiles & Amphibians of France http://www.herpfrance.com/
Salamanders of the Old World http://www.science.naturalis.nl/salam...
Societas Europaea Herpetologica http://www.seh-herpetology.org
The NEW Reptile Database http://www.reptile-database.org
Thomas Reich's site http://herpetofauna.jimdo.com/
VipersGarden http://www.vipersgarden.at/
Wouter Beukema's pictures https://picasaweb.google.com/11194289...
Wouter Beukema's site http://wbeukema.wordpress.com/
www.herpshots.de http://www.herpshots.de


Name Link
ARKive http://www.arkive.org/
Nature photography by Karl Van Ginderdeuren http://www.karlvanginderdeuren.com/

Personal sites

Name Link
Where I work http://www.inbo.be

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