Herpetofauna of Europe : pyrenees - france & spain (july 2022)
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Hiking & some herping in the Pyrenees
July 19th – 29th 2022

Unless specified otherwise, all pictures (c) of Jeroen Speybroeck.

My most recent Pyrenean adventure allowed me to add some new lizard and frog spots to my collection of visited sites. The way these were added was the best: several multi-day hikes with my girlfriend Gwen. Tough hikes, splendid views, wonderful times. As this was much more a hiking trip than a herping trip, please have a look at my older reports from the Pyrenees for more pictures of the local herpetofauna.

places where I observed Pyrenean rock lizards until 2022

Étang des Redouneilles des Vaches

Étang des Redouneilles des Vaches

Iberolacerta aurelioi in situ

habitat of I. aurelioi close to the Étangs de la Gardelle

near Port de Rat

Petit Étang de Fourcat, where I did not manage to find I. aurelioi

Étang de la Oussade and Étang de Fourcat

Embalse de Llauset – habitat of Iberolacerta bonnali

Ibón de Bortonés

Étang de Milouga

a little later…

Iberolacerta aranica

Iberolacerta aranica

Gwen above Étang de Milouga

Col de Pécouch

Mont Valier

Étang Rond – habitat of Iberolacerta aranica

Spanish habitat of Rana pyrenaica

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