Herpetofauna of Europe : s portugal (february 2023)
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A short escape to southern Portugal (with some herping)
February 15th – 18th 2023

Unless specified otherwise, all pictures (c) of Jeroen Speybroeck.

Gwen and I treated ourselves to a short getaway to a scenic part of Portugal. As it had rained quite a bit right before our arrival, we were able to observe all local amphibian species in no time. Some chameleons iced the cake.

places we went

roadside puddle with Pelodytes atlanticus calling, even during daytime

Pelodytes atlanticus

Praia do Amado


Malpolon monspessulanus as flipped

Cabo de Sao Vicente

Salamandra salamandra larvae

Salamandra salamandra female

Pelodytes atlanticus

Pelobates cultripes

Epidalea calamita

male Triturus pygmaeus

Ponta da Piedade

Discoglossus galganoi

Hyla meridionalis

Pleurodeles waltl

Chamaeleo chamaeleon

Alytes cisternasii

Species list

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